Wednesday, November 12, 2008

purple pink guck

I jumped out of the dingy into the water after mommy. I began swimming, taking in mouthfuls of water as I went. We had a not-too-long swim to get to the rocks where we would get out. In a few minutes I crashed onto a rock skinning my left shin and right knee. Once the wave had tumbled back into the sea, we got up and scrambled over to where the waves could not reach. I immediately took up the lead, we climbed over a cave-shaped opening. After about 6 minutes, I noticed some vomit colored dried guck..
. . .
Now, if you believe that anything gross is cool I think it's time you see guck. If only it didn't look so much like stale vomit. The sponginess helps but it's going a little overpowered. Think about it, five inches above sand is a little overestimated. If only it was purple with pink spots, or pink stripes, I would have been making guck castles, rolling around in it, and doing anything else I could think of.

To anyone who has time to listen


Anonymous said...

Is there a recipe for this stuff?

Carrie, Nathan, and Audrey

Zach said...


I'm very intrigued by this guck of which you speak. I myseft have had several run ins with similiar slimey spongey slippery substances.


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