Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ruth's Ramblings

Last night for Halloween in Turtle Bay, Kai dressed up as Indiana Jones and Maya was a Star Wars pirate with a light sabor. They trick or treated boat to boat with our dinghy and came back with a bag full of delicious candy.
We've been slowly sailing our way south, catching yellowtail tuna, dorado and lots of bonita along the way. As Kai's story relates, as soon as he put the bait in the blue ocean, a fish bit. The simpler life agrees with us -- we're getting into a rhythm, the boat is sailing well, the spinnaker flying and the kids are actually learning in between fishing, dinghying and sailing. I'll ramble some more in a few days. We set sail this afternoon to catch up with the 100 or so Baja Ha Ha boats that we joined at Turtle Bay. It was great for the kids to meet other boat children.
We'll cross our fingers for positive results for the election... in the meantime..Fish On!

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GorgeWindGirl said...

Hi Ruth! I've finally gotten caught up with you. Whew, you guys have been busy! Trick or treating boat to boat sounds fantastic, and I'm nostalgic for all the family time and fun adventures you're having together. We're right back on the merry-go-round. Re-introduction didn't take as long as I thought, unfortunately.

Thinking of you, and your brother, on election day. Hoping all goes well! If not, maybe we'll pull up stakes and pretend we're Canadian. :)

We've got our ski passes, Nash is signed up for race team, and we're hitting the H.R. high school swap this weekend. We'll miss you!

Hugs to all of you, and happy sailing!


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