Sunday, January 18, 2009

Swinging like Monkeys

Since the kids don't have soccer or gymnastics to rush to after school, the crazy Dads decided to construct a swing from the halyards of Bravado and Kamaya. The kids swung like monkeys and the Moms sailed away in the little Peerys (sailing dinghy), afraid to look.
"We swung really high and after it was my turn, I got to squirt the next person with a water hose. It was really fun," reports Monkey Kai. "I hope we can set it up again."

Photos by Ewout Mante, Captain, SV Bravado and one of the chief engineers of the swing.


Anonymous said...

I did feel like I was on my old swing at home hanging upside-down, standing wile turning round-and-round, being super woman, flying with eagles and touching my claws (hands) to the water, and beginning my rescue workers training along with all the other tricks that the moms would never allow but are so fun to perform. Since any kid should know the more dangerous and outrageous the better. -Jet

Anonymous said...

I think it was very fun swinging on the ropes. it WAS very much like being on a swing except we could go a lot higher than a normal swing.

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