Saturday, January 31, 2009

Interview with Kai

Where are you now?

In Bahia de Navidad. We’re anchored right now in the lagoon with 25 boats. It’s hot and there’s no wind.

Where have you been for the past week?

We were in the Bay of Chamela and we met Jessica, Sage and Kaien. They live in the town of Punta Perula and it was Sage’s dream to go sailing so we took him for a 28 mile sail to Bahia de Tenacatita. And then yesterday we sailed to Bahia de Navidad.

How did you like Chamela/Punta Perula?

I liked it. We swam to shore and played with the waves on the beach with Sage and Kaien and Robin from Hipnautical and the Bravado kids. We also slept on land for the first time in a many months. We also swam back to the shore at night with the phosphorescence. Maya will write about that.

How did you like sleeping in a bed that didn’t move?

It was good, but it was noisy in the morning.

What did you do in Tenacatita?

When we arrived that evening, there was a bonfire on the beach and we played with lots of kids from other boats. Then the next day we took our dinghy through the mangrove swamps to the other side. We saw some birds and crabs, but no crocodiles like the river tour in San Blas.

What are some of your favorite thing to do on the boat?

Playing legos and reading.

What do you like reading?

Inkspell, and Calvin and Hobbes

Photo of Kai by Ewout Mante, Captain SV Bravado


Behan said...

that's a beautiful picture of kai. we miss you guys in BB! we'll get to barra on the 17th or so, but expect you'll be long gone by then. niall says the seahorses were between the westernmost breakwalls in punta mita. we'll be back looking for them again in a few days! thanks for your inspiration of the kid interview for blog posts. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? :-) fair winds- Totem crew

rod said...

Hi there Tim, Ruth, Kai and Maya,

Just want you to know that we're still really enjoying following your adventures!
Rod will be in La Saladita (30 min. north of Zihuatanejo) in mid-March and will have a car. Any idea where you might be then? (probably not!). We'll keep reading!
Rod and Wendy Windle
p.s. we're still stuck in the Bay Area working!

Ruth said...

Rod and Wendy,
Let's keep in touch. I'm afraid we might be farther south than Zihuat -- but anything is possible.
What's in La Saladita?

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