Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama the Captain

It’s one in the morning and I can’t sleep. We’re settled at La Cruz marina, our boat is creaking back and forth with the surge and the call of the internet full of information keeps me awake. Here, we have easy access to information and I can’t resist. I should go to bed, but instead, I’m surfing from site to site trying to imagine what Michelle and Obama are thinking and doing right before they take office and their and our world will change. Are they running around their new home looking at the rooms in astonishment? What is the pulse of America? Is the economy really that bad? We’ve been out of the states for three significant months. As I flop from “” to “,” “u-tube” even to “” and then back to our little blog, I remember Bill Clinton’s 1997 inauguration which I was lucky to attend. I remember watching him play his saxophone on stage at one of the balls. I also remember being a little disappointed with the mayhem surrounding his inauguration -- it really was just another party with tons of people dressed in tuxedos and fancy gowns. I hope it’s different for Obama. It seems like it already is different.

I take a break from the computer and start the sourdough for tomorrow’s sourdough pancakes. Like the yeast, Obama may need a little time to rise to the occasion. Or maybe he’s going to beat all expectations. Tomorrow is an exciting day not only for the United States, but also for the world. The seas won’t be smooth for Obama, but the world seems confident that he has the aptitude to navigate his way. He’ll create a map for a better future, one where hopefully our children will be able to safely travel and grow with their experiences. I think Obama will be a wise captain. I hope he’ll be a captain that makes us all proud and keeps his ship, the United States of America, in stellar condition and not on collision course. Oh, I can’t resist the comparison. Signed the rambling, but hopeful Ruth.

PS- Here's where we watched the inauguration - at the La Cruz Yacht Club. My favorite quote, "we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist." Perhaps our enemies can put aside their anger and figure out a way to work together. And if we work as a team, perhaps we can save the planet earth. Maybe I'm being too lofty.

Photo by Ewout Mante, Captain, SV Bravado


gil said...

Hey! Are you guys at Huanacaxtle? We've been in PV this week. Thinking of doing a day trip over to la cruz. Maybe we'll see you there... Gil&Amy.

Amy said...

Ok, so we will be in la cruz tomorrow, thursday. I expect we´ll get there between 12-1, and we plan on hanging out at cafe galeria arte huichol for a while; see you if we see you... G&A

Ruth said...

Gil and Amy,
Hope you enjoyed the Huichol Cafe. We love their coffee and their art. I'm so sorry we missed you. We're in Punta Mita today and heading out this afternoon. Ruth and the Kamaya crew.

kamaya crew said...

we are past La Cruz, so we won't see you there.

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