Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Sorceror's Stone.

I met this girl named Jet, and I knew she was a drama person. I had tried before to put on the Sorceror's Stone play that I had written, but hadn't found the right person. We decided to put it on in La Cruz. There had an amphitheater and it was just perfect for putting on the play. The boys joined us. Here are some fun photos that Jet's Dad took. He's a really good photographer.

Here is Jet playing Professor Magonagall and sorting Harry.

Here's Harry meeting the Weesleys

This is Ron (played by Kai) and Harry (played by Hein) at the train station. Notice the funny orange yarn to show Ron's red hair and Harry's glasses made from wire.

Hagrid shows us his baby dragon

Albus Dumbledore (Eltjo) and Nicholas Flamel (Kai) discuss the Sorceror's Stone

Tim played the scary troll.

And our bows at the end


puffin said...

As grandparents we love to read through your website about the wherabouts of the BRAVADO family.
Alexander Mante

Ruth said...

We love playing with the Bravado family and look forward to meeting you. Don't forget the Hagel Pur!

Ruth said...
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