Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interview with Maya

Maya, I'm going to take you back to Chamela. One night we decided to swim back to the boat instead of brave the surf in the dinghy. How did you like swimming at night in Chamela?

It was very fun.

What was different about it?

It was the first time that I got to swim with bioluminescience. Bioluminescience is a chemical reaction that creates light. When I swam, there were bright lights all around me.

Did you go to the school in Chamela/ Punta Perula? What did you teach there?

I taught Chinese there and told them about the Chinese New Years.

Did you also go to the school in Colimilla, the town that’s near us when we anchored in the Barra Lagoon?

Yes. There is only one teacher and she teaches 1st grade through 6th grade.

How do you like going to school there?

It's fun. The people are really nice.

Did you bring your unicycle there?

Yes, they liked it.

Who have you been teaching to swim?

(Lucy is a woman we met in San Blas on Christmas Eve and she sailed with us from San Blas to Chacala and then met us with her sister Teresa in Cuestacomote, a small beach town near Barra de Navidad. We just spent a fun weekend with them.)

What happens when a frigate bird lands on your mast?

You shoo it off.
(One of the birds broke our windex- that’s on an instrument on the top of our mast that helps us know where the direction of the wind. Frigate birds don’t swim, so like to land on masts and that is a constant problem).

What are some of things you’re going to miss most about Barra de Navidad?
The French Baker. He comes to the boats and delivers fresh baguettes and chocolate croissants and other pastries.

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