Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fountain of Youth

Location Gulfito our last port in Costa Rica. As I reflect on our time in this green fertile country filled with monkeys, macaws, agoutis and furious rain, I wanted to share Poppy's (Tim's Dad) words because it details one of the benefits of boat life.

Poppy and Memaw -- our affectionate grandparent names -- met us in Playa Hermosa in Northern Costa Rica where they had to practically swim to Kamaya. We journeyed together to Monteverde rain forest, lounged in the hot springs near Volcano Arenal and then sailed more than one hundred miles to Punta Arenas, an old port town in the center of the country. I was a little nervous about having my in-laws visit. Nervous not because of personality conflicts but because Tim has a habit of pushing his Dad to do extreme things, like ski black diamond runs at Snowbird, Utah or swing through the rain forest on a tarzan swing and I wanted to make sure that Poppy who will turn 80 this summer returned home in one piece. We succeeded beyond expectations.

Here's a portion of what Poppy wrote in our guest book on May 21, 2009. Poppy, I hope its ok that I share this?:

Dear Tim, Ruth, Maya and Kai,
When Moni and I arrived 10 days ago for our visit with you aboard Kamaya, I was dragging, mentally and physically. I was apathetic and in a kind of fog, and I was perpetually fatigued, lacking in energy. I felt old. Now, after our ten days with you, I feel rejuvenated. I am more alert, more focused, more energetic, more curious. I feel more -- well -- as if I've gotten younger. You all and your boat have done this for me. What a charming and inspiring life you have! ...
Love, Poppy

There is something about living at sea, where you are constantly in motion and your surroundings continually change, that might be one of the key ingredients to the Fountain of Youth. If only Ponce de Leon had figured that out!


Tracy, SV Q said...

Thank you for sharing your father-in-law's inspiring words. I just said to my husband today that I hoped we were able to stay vibrant and active in our old age and was glad to hear that going cruising may help that!

Virginia Cross said...

The nicest thing I have ever read in a visitor book. Tim & Ruth, we love reading your blog. We are still trying to catch you up, but having a big time in the Gulf of Fonseca so going slowly. R & V

Ramona said...

Well, Ruth, after reading the nice things Tracy and Virginia said, I couldn't possibly object to your sharing my guest-book entry. I should get back to Kamaya. I just now returned from a workout at our Gym and I'm starting to feel old again. Tim, at the gym I watched a couple of young men playing raquetball, and I thought "I could have taken these guys 30 years ago." But wait: Wasn't it about 30 years ago that you used to spot me 14 points in a 15-point game?
Some memories you keep, and some you'd rather forget. Poppy

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