Monday, June 8, 2009

Interview with Birthday Kai

Kai, where are you now?

I’m some place at sea in Panama. We’re sailing all the way to Panama City.

What was the highlight of your visit in Costa Rica?

Seeing the monkeys was my favorite. And the canopy tour where we did the zipline and the tarzan swing. I liked doing that with Poppy.

It’s the beginning of the rainy season. How do you like the rain? How often does it rain? Do you try to catch the rain?

Yes, I like the rain. Sometimes it rains all day, but usually its only a few hours. Maya and I put buckets on our head and catch rainwater. When it rains fast, we catch about one cup in five minutes.

What did you think of night diving in the clear warm water in Isla Secas, Panama?

It was great. It was like diving in the day, but I had a light. I could swim really close to the puffer fish.

How long can you hold your breathe underwater?

About a minute.

Have you caught any fish lately?

Yes, we caught an albacore tuna when we sailed out of Costa Rica.

How did you like sailing Kaela Rose, the sailing dinghy that belongs to our friends Lea Scotia (Trevor, Karissa and Kiera-yeah another kid boat!) who were with us in the northern/western islands of Panama?

It was fun. We sailed it in Isla Secas. It sails well … it’s a sailing dinghy with a jib and it also rows well. I wish we had one.

So you’ve been to all of the Central American countries, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and now Panama, which one do you prefer?

I don’t know. Maybe Guatemala is my favorite. They have lots of neat art and I really loved the little puppies at Elizabeth’s house in Antigua. They also had good food there.

How do you keep track of the different money in each country?

I have samples of them. There are dollars in El Salvador, Limperas in Honduras, Colones in Costa Rica, Cordobas in Nicaragua and Quetzals in Guatemala.

What have you been reading lately?

I have been reading lots of Calvin and Hobbes and Tintin, Narnia and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I recommend all of them. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is kind of like Harry Potter, but it’s still a good series.

Something special is happening this Monday, June 8th. I forgot what it was, can you tell me?

You forgot? You wouldn’t forget it. You just want me to say it ….. it’s my birthday of course!

Happy Birthday Kai! You're 8 years old and it's such a privilege and a wonder to be your mom and have you with us on our adventure. I remember our trepidation as we sailed out the Golden Gate Bridge in September. We were worried that you would be seasick, and we kept saying that if you didn't like sailing, Oma would come get you. You overcame seasickness fast and are now talking about crossing the Pacific Ocean. Not only can you sail and understand all the complicated electronics, but you have also become a talented musician, unicyclist and swimmer. You can hold your breath underwater for such a long time. You read constantly, love being read to and you have a heart of gold -- especially if you're playing bridge when hearts are important (are they important in bridge?). I need to watch out when you have the squirt I may get wet. Seriously, you are someone who everyone would want on board a boat or in any demanding situation as your calmness,intelligence and strength (remember when you started the engine on the dinghy when I couldn't?) is a huge asset.


Ramona said...

Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,KAI!!! (a day late). We're so happy to know exactly where you are now because, I have to admit, we silly parents/grandparents were getting a little worried about not hearing from Kamaya in about nine days. I guess you have spoiled us by calling and blogging so often. It's OK. We managed to worry our mothers once in a while when we were young too. We just have to learn to live with kids who need to have adventure, I guess. It sounds like you're having a wonderful one.
Love to all, MMM

rod said...

Happy Birthday to Kai!
We're still enjoying reading and following you guys' adventure. I flew up to Hood River from Berkeley this past weekend for the 8th birthday of Grandson Dylan on June 7...He's just one day older than Kai, but he doesn't get to have Kai's experiences. All the best and happy sailing to you.
rod and wendy windle

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kai (a little late)! New Vision just ended its year, and of course we missed you. I don't think you or Maya will every stand for learning at a desk again! You are blessed with having adventure in your lives everyday. Lots of love from the Fuentes Family

Behan said...

Happy birthday Kai!! You are a braver person than I am to be diving at night. Niall loves swimming in bioluminescence, too. We send you our best wishes for a happy day!

Connor McElwee said...

happy birth day kai.
I hope you had a great birthday. We are excited to see you for a sleep over.

Have you fallen overboard on Kamaya? How does it feel to swim in the water with puffer fish? Did you steer the boat?

What would you like to play while you are here?

See you soon. love, Connor

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