Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Warning

At 6:30 this morning, our friends on Tyee woke us up with their loud foghorn and a yell, "Kamaya, Kamaya, there's a tsunami warning. All boats have to leave the anchorage."

I vividly recalled the photos and tragic stories about boats in the tsunami on American Samoa and Tonga. We quickly pulled up our anchor and sailed out to deep water.

While all the boats exited the harbor for deep water, the remaining population of the island (about 7,000) evacuated and went up to the high ground.

At 7:15, the tsunami wave passed us by. We didn't feel anything, but we heard via the SSB that boats in the nearby island of Isla Isabela felt a 4-5 foot surge of water come in and out of the bay. Boats in Panama also had tsunami warnings and went out to sea.

Our hearts go out to everyone in Chile and those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Once the danger had passed we made our way to Kicker Rock. Kamaya and Tyee swam with sharks, sea turtles and spotted rays. Fantastic!


Behan said...

Glad all's well. We also had an exodus of boats from many Mexican posts. Here in La Cruz, there was minimal impact, but some boats decided to buck the surge and made for marvelous entertainment! I posted a few photos to our blog.

Ramona said...

Hey! What is this??! You completely escape a tsunami and then you go swimming with SHARKS??? Isn't this walking a bit close to the edge?
Just kidding. I'm sure those were Galapagos sharks, the unique variety that live peaceably with all their fellow creatures, humans included.
Thanks for keeping us quickly posted. We're very thankful you're all safe.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Was wondering how you did! You were the first people I thought of when I heard the warning. In Ventura we had a few channel markers break loose and sail around the harbor on their own. The harbor was closed and race boats were escorted in by the harbor patrol one by one. Apparently Ventura made CNN as we had a few boats, buoys and docks sustain minor damage. Interesting day!

Ethan said...

This is Noah. I want to ask about sea lions. I saw the pictures of sea lions sitting on a boat and what I want to know is can a sea lion drive a boat?

Anonymous said...

Ahoy Kamaya! Happy to know all is well w/you. There were Tsunami warnings when I was in Big Sur last weekend. Congrats for making it to the Galapagos. That is so on my travel "bucket list"! Enjoy. :) Elena

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