Monday, July 12, 2010


“There’s puppies onshore, they’re really cute.” Mommy said as soon as she got back from exploring Toau.

“Puppies!” Kai and I thought, and we cleaned up our stuffed animals with soap and water.

Soon we were ready to go ashore. As we came into the dinghy dock, a small poodle like dog came over and kissed us. Later we learned that her name is Motu, and she has a twin sister called Lulu. But neither of them are the mother.

We walked along the beach and heard a big dog barking. Sure enough a huge golden retriever was sitting down and barking fiercely, but he gave the whole act away with wagging his tail and walking up to us in a friendly manner. The big guard dog / sweetheart is named Bobby. I scratched him behind the ears and he let his head rest.
Then Kai and I found a cardboard box with five little puppies all curled up. They were adorable! There were two girls and three boys. The five didn’t want to go past their little shelter. There was a coconut shaving machine and a seat. The shelter was all under a roof, and the puppies definitely didn’t want to go past it.

But the puppies themselves; the littlest, a girl, had a dark brown face, and slightly lighter body. The second smallest, the other girl, had a dirty blonde, brown fur. On her head was a small white vertical stripe on her forehead. The smallest of the boys, was a puppy colored like a mountain lion pup with smooth fur. He had a very distinct white mark on his head. the second largest, had the strangest coloring. He was gold, dirty blond, yellow – ish brown, all the colors swirling around his body, they were not blended with each other. Then, the largest, was a black puppy with a cute black face and curly hair.

We played with them for a while, before going back to the dinghy dock. Kai and I talked to the owner of the puppies, Valentine, and she said we should make up names for the puppies. I wonder what we should call them?

The next day our friends on Tyee arrived. They have two boys, one ten, and the other seven. The boys came ashore with us to visit the puppies. Together we decided what to name the little ones. The small brown one we called Coco. Then my mom thought the second biggest one with the swirl of colors should be called Moca, like the coffee. After that we agreed about the largest one, Chewy. Later we named the mountain lion one Puma, and Kai and I felt so lucky because we have a stuffed animal named Puma. Last of all we named the remaining girl Luna.

Turns out Moca is the most adventurous, and he’s also obedient. We started by teaching all of them their name. then we took them exploring. We call their name and say “Moca, moca, come here boy, lets go, come on!”

And we walk backwards facing them and talking excitedly. By the end of the day everyone had learned their name.

The day after that Simi and I came in. we walked over and heard the barking of the big golden retriever, Bobby. Then a strange thing happened, and I heard him whimper. “come here big boy.” I said.

He gratefully padded over and leaned against me, still whining. I decided he was scared of the black dog, Tiger. I hugged his big head in my arms, and told him it was all right, I understand. The poor dog must have been terrified, and desperate to make friends, because he slid down onto my lap, and cuddled. I comforted him, and soon he seemed to feel better. He got up, and stood in front of Simi and I, as if saying, “don’t worry, I will protect you.”

I trusted him. So I set his head back in my lap. Bobby leaned against me but continued sitting.

Then he put his front paw out and into my hand. We shook hands. This is a very intelligent dog, I thought.

Simi was almost crying. He had a golden retriever like this one before he started the boat trip. The dog and him would play games together, and when their dad was baking pop corn, the two of them had grabbed the fallen pieces and ate them. That dog was like another sibling to Simi. But a few months ago, he died.

Poor Simi, I thought. Then I released Bobby’s hand. I hugged the big dog, and we continued walking towards the puppy litter.

Moca was in a really excited mood. He jumped around, pouncing on his big brother Chewy. I called his name, “Moca, Moca, come here Moca.”

And the gold puppy pounced after me. He ran at my shoes, but I jogged faster and he followed me. I ran around the house and the puppy raced along with me. We came back to the other puppies, and Moca jumped excitedly. So I took him on another track, and we went towards the grass. Soon Moca got tired and I carried him back.

I called Chewy and Puma and brought them to the little bush so they could play. I left them there and brought Coco and Luna to the bush. Moca followed them. I watched the five little puppies make themselves at home in the tree. A few ripped at the leaves, and other puppies tumbled around.

Today they had gained double their previous territory. I knew they could find their way back to the sheltered area. And I watched as Puma and Moca jumped along and walked back. The others slowly followed, and came to their little shelter.

A man came up and shredded coconuts. He gave some shavings to the puppies, and their mother, Ruby. They certainly were growing. Ruby, who had been quite skinny when we first met her, had gotten slightly larger. The puppies were bigger too.

But Simi and I had to say goodbye for the day. We walked back, and I said hi to my friend Bobby.

The next day, Kai, Theo, and Simi, and I, all came ashore. We walked over to the Puppy place to find that Luna was the energetic one today. I brought her to the bush, and she ran after me. But that little girl didn’t want to stop there, so I brought her around the house. There was a little ditch on the other side of the house, and Luna stopped there. I told her, “come here, come on girl, you can do it Luna, come on.”

She slid down the five inch gutter, and tried to get up the other side, but she couldn’t. So Luna turned around, and climbed up the way she came. I patted on the ground around the ditch. And Luna walked along it. She made it across.

I ran with her the rest of the way, and congratulated the puppy. She, the second smallest, had done what only Moca could.

“She’s just like her brother.” Simi said. I agreed.

Then we took Moca on a little exploring mission, as Kai and Theo played with the other puppies. Moca walked all the way to the grassy place, and almost to the beach. Then he whimpered and I carried him back.

But finally the time came for Kamaya to leave. I hugged each of the puppies in turn, and promised them that I’ll come back some day. I know they’ll continue to explore, and they will all be big, sweet dogs.

Then I said bye to Ruby, and told her to keep a good eye on her pups. She’s a good mother, and she knows it.

Next we all found Bobby, who was at the end of the dock. I told him that he would win against Tiger, the black dog, and that he’s the nicest dog. I hugged him to me.
Then we left the island of dogs, which I really will revisit someday.

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Ramona said...

Maya, have you heard of a "horse whisperer'? It's a person who can communicate with horses in a way that other people can't quite understand or copy. It looks to me like you're becoming a "dog whisperer". If you have all those puppies responding to their names so quickly, it's a kind of magic.
I'm glad you saw that beautiful eclipse. Love, Memaw

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