Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stop Shaking Us!

In celebration of Art Month here in Auckland, the kids learned about protesting. The sign above spells out my current thoughts. It's difficult to grasp the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The images look like they came from the Hollywood movie, 2012, and not from anything real.

Kai and Ryan, our friend from the catamaran Stray Kitty, had something to say about dolphins.

Maya, Celia and Andrea also wanted to stop the world from harming sea creatures.

And for the chocolate lovers, what do you think of this sign?

Since we're getting around the city on bikes, I'm ready to stand on the corner and wave a placard, saying, "Be kind to bikers." Along the same theme, it'd be great to get everyone to "Stop Using Cars," but that's a huge dream, especially here where people seem wedded to traffic.

And how about smoking? My UC Berkeley roots are shaking away. "Stop smoking in front of kids." I just learned that there are laws in California, Oregon, Arkansas, Hawaii and Maine prohibiting adults from smoking in a car with children on board. Many countries, including parts of Australia, Canada and the United Arab Emirates have similar laws. A bit Big Brotherish, but still a good idea. Imagine if China adopted a similar law.

All right you readers -- if anyone is out there --- what would you have on your placard?

Happy Wednesday or Tuesday for those on the otherside of the international dateline.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I'll go with the "Stop Shaking Us" sign. And make the ocean stop moving so much too.
Kind of done with this surge and then big wave thing we have going on.

Tilly Gaillard said...

In mid April the Oma seems to want to sleep high above land, be it in a boat or a train. Reading your blog has given me an idea: take a hot bath. So with my head and heart with you, I'll sink my body into anthropic comfort since there is no hot sand around. The interview with Kai was great, and Maya on a unicycle brings back fond memories. Love from across the world. Tilly

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