Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kamaya Our Treehouse

Treehouse ... wait a second, boat's are supposed to be in the water, floating, with the wind strumming her halyards. Not this week!

Last Friday, we hoisted Kamaya out of the water and into our backyard boatyard here at Pier 21.

She's now perched on the hard getting a spa treatment. We have a 12-foot ladder to climb up to our home. We pee in the yellow bucket and climb up and down the ladder as needed. We're a fish out of water, a whale stuck on a beach. It is an improvement from our June 2009 haul-out in Panama when we were on the rails, living on a slant with cups sliding down the table and blood rushing to our head when we slept.

Tim and I sanded and sanded all weekend. Yesterday Gloss Boats sprayed New Zealand Jotun bottom paint on her and painted Propwise on our prop to keep the nasty barnacles from setting up shop.

We're also changing the color of the boot stripe today to a tidy navy blue. The hull is getting buffed and waxed. Tim is replacing a thru-hole and hopefully we'll be back in the water tonight so Oma - who arrives this morning - doesn't have to pee in the yellow bucket.

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Virginia Cross said...

Just tuned into your blog and saw the FOR SALE sign on Kamaya. Are our eyes deceiving us. Looks like you are all hale hearty and growing up.
Love and kisses,

Virginia, Richard and Mandy

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