Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Kai!

Kai celebrated his double digit birthday here in Viani Bay, where we need to watch out for falling coconuts.

Viani is in Vanua Levu, Northern Fiji just inside of the famous Rainbow Reef. You can see from the exquisite colors how the reef got its name.

Six boat kids, three of the Stray Kitties and Bear, yes that's his name plus his boat is called Oso Blanco, came over to eat cake and play in the bay.

For games, Tim and I had to get creative since we are in a tiny island without a lot of the usual party things that you happen to have on land. For one game, the kids divided into two teams - boys against girls, perfect since there were three girls and three boys. The task: to paddle or kayak over to the other boats in the anchorage, gather a story, joke or poem, remember it and share it with the other kids.

Another water task: two in the team had to balance on a surf board while the other team mate paddled the board around Kamaya.

The evening ended with two perfect surprises. The first, from Oso Blanco - ice cream to go with the homemade chocolate and carrot cake. We're not running our freezer and Kai, lover of ice cream, chocolate and most sweets, was ecstatic to have ice cream. And the second surprise, from Stray Kitty, multiple episodes of Gilligan's Island, also Kai's favorite. So for the evening, after eating cake and ice cream, Kai and his friends gathered in our cabin and watched Gilligan's Island. Sounds like a perfect day!

Parting shot: Now that Kai is ten, he has developed a tough spicy palate and the little chilis growing in the wild aren't too spicy for him. Even Wayne, a Fijian boy we met in Fawn Harbor, seemed impressed.


Andy said...
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Rhian said...

happy birthday Kai- and happy greetings to all you Kamayans. Great to see that you're still enjoying adventuring though sorry we won't get to see you again in New Zealand. I'll be following you vicariously..

Rhian Zephyrus

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