Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maya's thoughts

This is an interview with Maya.
What are you excited to do on your big voyage?
I'm excited to climb the mast all the way to the top
What have you been doing now with the boat while your Mom and Dad prepare her for the voyage south?
I've been playing on the jib sheets, making tricks -- swinging and climbing. We have a kayak and I've been paddling around the Emeryville Marina.
We went to pick up our 8-person life raft yesterday and we got to sit in it and taste the food rations, is there anything else you want to add?
Yes, inside it stinks really bad and the food doesn't taste good.


rod said...

We loved watching you perform 'rope tricks' today with the jib sheets. We are very envious of you getting to go an a big sailing adventure. Stay safe and have fun!
rod and wendy

Mel said...

I will sleep in the hold and do dishes and bring my own kayak and wash the deck rope tricks with Maya and......

I wish I could stow away!

Have a safe journey!


Fuentes said...
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Fuentes said...

We miss Kai at NV and Maya's tricks on the trampoline! We are glad to hear she has a place to practice her circus act so she won't get rusty. Have a wonderful time on your venture, we look forward to hearing more....The Fuentes Gang

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