About Us

The Kamayans

Captain Tim

Captain Tim made a promise to his First Mate that they would take their kids on a sailing adventure, and not just a day sail but all the way across the enormous Pacific Ocean.  He keeps us moving in the right direction and sometimes catches huge fish.

First Mate Ruth

First Mate Momma Ru makes sure that we’re eating well and sailing fast. A former racer, she loves to steer and is just getting used to having the autopilot on when the spinnaker is flying. When not cooking, steering, cleaning, polishing, or mothering, Ruth writes for YachtPals.com and is trying to write the American novel.

Pirate Scientist Maya

Maya climbs the mast to ensure that we don’t hit any hard coral along the way. She’s a monkey on the halyards and a keen marine biologist who can name almost all the fish in the sea and especially loves swimming with giant manta rays, helping baby sea turtles go back to the sea and feeding her old friend, Miguelito, a 100 year old tortoise.

Pirate Surfing and Swinging Kai

In New Zealand, the Kiwis call him “Barby” – that’s not after the pretty blond doll, but it’s short for BBQ since the name “Kai” means food down under. When Kai’s not monitoring our power use, playing bridge with fellow pirates, trading stocks or biking to the library, you’ll find him swinging on the halyards. 

Looking Back

It took me more than seven years to turn our blog into a hard covered bound book. At first, I was leery of wrapping up our adventure because...