Monday, October 20, 2008

Interview with Kai

Kai, how do you like the food in Ensenada?
Good, I like the fish tacos and the rice and beans. I don't really like the shrimp tacos.

Did you try the oysters?
Yes, I didn't like them.

What about the papayas?
I don't like papayas, but I like the bananas.

I hear that the guards yell "monociclos" when your family leaves the dock. How's your unicycling going?
Good, I can now go backwards. Lots of people are looking at us and want to try it, but its too hard for them.

How did you like flying through the air at Las Canales where we spent an overnight?
I loved it. We put on a harness and then clipped in and flew through the air. We also climbed through bridges.

Were you scared?
No, I wasn't scared.

How do you like the new Indiana Jones movie -- about the crystal skull -- that you finally got to see when it came out on DVD?
It's really good. I saw it once in English and once in Spanish.

How do say "skull" in Spanish?

What's your newest move on Kamaya?
I move like a monkey on the bar inside the boat. My record is 20.

Who do you think is going to win in the Presidential election?
I think Obama will win. I don't know why I like him.

How about Alaska - for Congress?
Uncle Ethan. He's the best and the smartest.


Anonymous said...

Kai - Your interviews are fun to read. Keep them up! I wonder if you'll see lots of calaveras de azĂșcar soon. Tell us about Dia de Los Muertos when you have time. Adios,
Jennifer (Benjamin & Sophia's mom)

MMM said...

Hi Kai,
Sounds like you're having fun. Be careful going backwards on your unicycle unless you've learned to see out of the back of your head. Did you bring along plenty of peanut butter to spread on your banana slices?
I think you're right about Obama winning..AND your Uncle Ethan.
Love, MMM

Anonymous said...


Wow, you were up high! That looked really fun. I don't like oyster either, but I love clams ( Nathan). I don't know if I like clams or oysters (Audrey).

Nathan and Audrey

Anonymous said...

Ruth-Great talking to you!! Although briefly-I need your e-mail so we can keep in touch.(lost it) We'll be in Punta Mita Jan 20-27-Souds like you are having a blast-Try the zip lines in Nicaragua! Miss you guys.Margaret, Nathan Peter Katie

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