Thursday, December 4, 2008

Interview with Kai

What have you have been up to for the past few weeks?

A lot of things. One of them is swimming with the sea lions. Another one is making banana bread with Oma. Another one is snorkeling in Isla San Francisco and Espiritu Santos. I've also been unicycling all over La Paz.

You went swimming with the sea lions-- how was that?

Fun. They swam next to us and we chased them and then they would come up to us and turn at the last moment.

What have you seen snorkeling?

I saw a crab, puffer fish, starfish, sea urchins, sand dollars, parrot fish, and lots more fish.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

We went to Ted and Michelle's house in Los Barriles with Oma and Poppa Nate and rode ATVs (all terrain vehicles).

What was it like driving your own vehicle?


How would you describe it to your friends back home?

It's like driving a bicycle. But there are four wheels and a gas pedal and you don't have to work so hard pedaling up the hills.

What happened when we did the man over board drill?

Maya went overboard and I pushed the man over board drill and we threw out lines and life savers for her. She grabbed on to the life saver and then they were going to pull her in, but Maya wanted to stay in the water because it felt better and then I joined her.

What happened when you and Maya were swimming behind the boat when we were sailing?

We were swimming against the current. There was a life raft behind the boat and Maya caught it when it was close and I didn't. Then the boat started sailing away without me. Then they turned back and got me.

Were you scared?

Yes. Because I was thinking that I might be left behind.

Who saved you?

Maya did. She caught hold of me and then we came back to the boat with the life saver.

How did you like the dentist today?

I hated it!

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