Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Swimming with Sea Lions

I drove the dinghy around the island searching for the sea lion rocks. Once we found the guano-covered island, everyone got out and took off their life jackets, all except mommy, who wore hers while carrying Kai’s and mine. She insisted that we might want them, though we never did.

We all swam off in search of play mates. It only took a few minutes flicking flippers, diving down and spinning, and swimming fast. A sea lion pup swam straight under me, speeding up then somersaulting over to spin around staying still for a second and then swimming straight up and flipping at the last second. Oh, I love the sea lions.

The next week or two Oma and Poppa Nate came and we took them to Espiritu Santos. Poppa Nate didn’t come swim, but Oma did. The family showed Oma how to swim with them, play with them and just do with them! It was fun-y! Oma played with them and had lots of fun.

Espiritu Santos.

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