Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life in the Bays of Huatulco

Here are some random photographs of our recent days in Huatulco. In Puerto Angel where we were protected from the rough seas, Maya, Tim and Kai had fun converting our dinghy into a swim platform.

I saw this confident dog sitting on the steps in Puerto Angel and I felt he represented a part of Mexico. Straggly, but strong. In the story, Panga Boy, the boy from Los Barilles goes to the United States and compares the life of dogs. He says something to the effect that in the states, dogs don't have skin problems and they have owners.

Have you ever seen one of these animals? This was our first time. Usually it lives in the mountains, but this man who resides next to the Port Captain decided to keep it as a pet.

First person to guess the above animal gets to eat what Tim is sampling. Hint it's full of protein:


Ramona said...

I know, I know!!! It's a kotamundi!!
I thik I'll let Tim eat the stuff in the dish because it looks like a mess of hot chili peppers...maybe with a little bit of tofu cooked into it to give it protein. He loves that kind of stuff.

Sail carefully, MMM

tim said...

Well you didn't spell it right, but it is a coatimundi or coati. Also known as a tejon in spanish.

So you win the prize and you get to eat what I was's not chili peppers. If they ate these in South Dakota your relatives may have had less trouble there.

Ramona said...

NORTH, not South, DAKOTA, that is. It looks like Kai is waiting in line to finish up anything you might leave behind. I hope it keeps you both healthy, ugly though it is.

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