Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maya just got published!

Maya wrote an article for the August edition of Latitudes and Attitudes. Here's a link to her article and then you have to click on the white page on the bottom left. It's so exciting!


Ramona said...

Congratulations, Maya!!! Now that you know how to make some easy (??) money, I'll bet you'll be busy writing about everything you see. Keep at it!
You're right. Boats can be pretty smelly. It's good for people to think about that before they rush off to sail around the world.
Love, Memaw

Elena said...

Ahoy Kamaya! Congrats Maya on being published! Does this mean you get extra credit from home schooling curricculum? He, he. Sorry to have missed you when you were in Sausalito. And Ruth, you are so right about "living with less to have more". I'm trying to get rid of "stuff" at my home base.
Smooth & happy sailing. I love reading your blog!
:) Elena

marco said...

You made me laugh Maya! Congratulations on the publication, and, as always, for your beautiful writing. Love, Delphine

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