Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

Happy New Years to everyone! For the sailors, let's hope this year brings smooth waters, stellar sunsets, great adventures and dolphins to your bow. To those living on land, we wish you a wonderful year of peace, health, good food, less carbon use and wisdom. Lots of love from the Kamaya crew.

Wait ... what's up with the snowman? You might be thinking ... last time we were en route to Panama and now we're playing in the snow ... well, last week we flew up to McLean, Virginia for the holidays. Kamaya is moored right outside the Panama Canal patiently waiting to set sail again. Soon we'll be heading west to explore the Perlas Islands and then to the Galapagos.


Anonymous said...

I hope its good to be back on the boat where its warm.

Bob Ehlers said...

Anonymous was Bob Ehlers. Happy New Year. I follow your Blog weekly.

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