Friday, February 26, 2010

We're in the Galapagos!

We're in San Cristobal, the first island in the Galapagos where Charles Darwin stopped. Like Darwin, we're being inquisitive naturalists and we're amazed to see many of the same animals that he did in 1835. I don't think the famous and very prehistoric looking Galapagos tortoise have changed much.

We're also examining the mischievous marine iguanas

And Kai is chasing the elegant Galapagos Green Turtle

I watched the colorful yellow warbler play on the rocky ponds near the beach

And we saw the famous Chatham mockingbird, found only on this island, San Cristobal

We also laugh at the playful sea lions who are everywhere -- whether they're hanging around the playground, lounging on benches, or making their home on the stern of people's boats.

It's fantastic to be here, surrounded by such interesting animals.


Behan said...

hooray for reaching the galapagos!

do you have a penciled in path for the next 6 months? just anticipating when we might catch up with you! totem departs la cruz for the marquesas in early april.

would you believe there is a girl in the marina right now who is a unicyclist- and her name is maia?!

tim said...

That's so funny there's another unicyclist named Maya - is she heading west as well? Will you stop in the Galapagos? We're planning on being here for two months so timing could work. We'd love to cross paths! Ruth

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