Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Tim!

Nifty Fifty
August 4th, Captain, husband, father Tim turned half a century young. Our fifty year old man started the morning with 50 push ups, 50 sit ups and a 50 minute kayak in Bora Bora's scenic blue lagoon. After a short nap, the birthday boy did a back flip from the stern of Kamaya and tried Maya and Kai's newest sport of swinging in harnesses from the halyards. At sunset, he gathered at the beach for a bonfire with our friends from Victoria, Wonderland and Bamboozle. We then returned to the boat for a delicious dinner and the best chocolate cake ever. A beautiful way to usher in the next half of his century.

Here's a birthday poem I wrote for my birthday boy.

There lives a dashing man named Tim
who keeps his sails perfectly trim
Born in West Berlin
where the German's didn't win
and there was a wall
that was really tall
The son of a spy
shhhh say that, you'll die
His mother a nurse,
who never does curse
Tim has a wonderful life
Even a beautiful wife
A daughter and son
That are tons of fun
They're sailing a big boat
that really does float
Today we'll scream and shout
and run all about
Today is Tim's day
So I'll say
You're so nifty
Now that you're fifty


Maureen said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Tim, espero que la proxima 50 anos son ricos con adventuras tambien. Con carino, the Bates Motel in Hawaii

Anonymous said...

Bonne Anniversaire Tim! Your special day sounded perfect. Way to go with back flip, etc! In the small world dept, I celebrated my 50th in Bora Bora too...@ Club Med. Sending very best wishes your way. HAPPY 'BDAY...Cheers! :) Elena

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tim. Just saw John and Lisa in Florida.

Bob Ehlers

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