Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Maya!

Maya turned 11 on Thursday, November 18th and it just so happened that our new friend Christina turned 22 the day before. Christina works at Action World in Paihia and that's where we celebrated Maya's Birthday Party. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect venue for Maya, our unicyclist.

Here she tried the flying trapeze just like they have in the circus.

She also mastered the tight rope - (4 meters/12 feet in the air) ... it took a lot of practice but she walked all the way across without falling.

And she flew threw the air on a flying carpet.

Even the parents had fun on the x-treme slide. Here's a great shot of Christine from Stray Kitty getting some air and notice her hair!

The jousting log was a hit. Dave from Nikita was the king of the log, even battling his wife, Rayann.

Ondine from MoJo was the Queen of the log.

If you are ever in New Zealand and have an urge to swing on the trapeze, we strongly urge you to visit Action World, The owners, Frank and Carol Osler, developed a special airbag landing system which allowed us novices to feel like we were ready to join the circus.

Tim might be ready...he received the first Champion certificate for flying like a bird to catch the second bar on the trapeze, walking all the way across the highwire, ringing the bell on the top of the climbing wall and flying over the sissy wall on the jungle swing. Go Tim!

Parting shot....

Birthday girl Christina demonstrating her skill on the trapeze.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Maya! What an adventure you're on!

Rob & Sam

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