Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm learning to dive!

When we got to Fiji, I borrowed Bear's (on Oso Blanco) gear and tried scuba diving. My first dive was really cool because I could get really close to the fish and not have to zoom back to the surface and get a breath of air.

Then, three days ago as Kai said, I won the lottery because Frank and Karen on a really cool catamaran named Tahina, gave me my own BCD (or just BC for short). The letters 'BCD' stand for Buoyancy Compensator Device, a vest that you can add or remove air within it to make you float or sink.

I released air in my BC, which let me descend. I love looking up at the surface, it's awesome to be so far down in a foreign world. The colours are fantastic, especially that of the soft coral.

But even more amazing are the fish, some bright yellow, others orange, and sometimes brilliant blue. I enjoy watching the small blue fish move about in schools, or drift together over the reef. I like their turquoise colour and the way they move together as one larger fish.

The anemone is poisonous to all fish except the clown fish, which many of you know as Nemo. This striped fish is protected by the anemone and can lay its eggs in the anemone without having to worry about bigger fish eating the eggs.

And then, there's the Christmas Tree worms. Their colours range from purple to yellow, and sometimes they have a mix of harmonious colours. If you wiggle your finger at them, they suck in.

Diving has been a fun and fantastic adventure for me and I can't wait to do it again.


Anonymous said...

Why are you lying on coral, killing it? You're no diver promoting this behavior!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I can see why you might think that but the truth is its a weird angle from the camera and the coral is about 3 feet away. I respect your concern though.

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