Tuesday, December 14, 2010

G'day Mateys!

G'day mateys ... while many of you in the northern hemisphere may be schussing down the ski slopes, building snow creatures, and bundling up for winter, we've got our "sunnies" on (sunglasses) and we're settling into summer in "N. Zed," that's short for New Zealand.

To bring a little of the wintry Christmas feel, we found a gigantic snow globe set up at the park in Auckland, our new home.

Instead of living inside the snow globe as some of you in Hood River and Minnesota are, we're in a marina in the center of the city, near some jaw-drop gorgeous yachts as well as intrepid America's Cup boats.

And we're learning to speak Kiwi. Now don't confuse that with the Kiwi fruit, that we're also enjoying, nor the Kiwi bird that we're still searching for.

G'day mates!

P.S. Great Kiwi saying that I learned from my boat neighbor Angus -- "It was blowing so hard that it blew the chain off the dog."

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